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IQ coding solutions make your revenue cycle move with accuracy and speed.

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Our team of certified coding experts possesses extensive knowledge and experience in various coding specialties. We accurately assign the appropriate codes to medical services, ensuring compliance with coding guidelines and maximizing reimbursement

Denial Management

Dealing with claim denials can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Our denial management experts have a deep understanding of common denial reasons and work diligently to resolve denials and appeals, optimizing your revenue stream.

Revenue Cycle Management

We offer end-to-end revenue cycle management services, streamlining the entire billing process from claim submission to reimbursement. Our experts meticulously review claims, identify potential coding errors or documentation gaps

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Accurate and comprehensive clinical documentation is crucial for appropriate coding and reimbursement. Our clinical documentation improvement

Compliance and Audit Support

We stay up-to-date with the latest industry regulations and compliance requirements, ensuring that your coding and billing practices adhere to all applicable guidelines.
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We are one of the leading medical coding and billing companies in Hyderabad. we provides innovative billing, coding solutions to multi-specialty medical communities.

Company Mission And Vision

We provide accurate and economical outsourcing services to the American health care service industries using leading-edge technology.

  • To provide our clients quality services at competitive prices.
  • To minimize operational flaws & improve financial control for our clients.
  • To strengthen our client's performance by continuous innovation, best-in class solutions and customer service.
  • To be identified as the best outsourcing partner in the healthcare revenue cycle management business.
  • To Provide the Best Medical Coding