Back End Revenue Cycle Services

Remittance Processing

Our remittance processing services ensure the timely and accurate posting of payments, remittance advice, and explanation of benefits (EOBs). We handle the complex task of reconciling payments, identifying any discrepancies, and posting them accurately to the appropriate patient accounts. With our efficient processes, we help healthcare organizations optimize revenue and maintain a robust financial system.

Accounts Receivable

Managing accounts receivable is crucial for maintaining a healthy cash flow. Our dedicated team of professionals proactively manages accounts receivable, ensuring timely follow-up, and collections. We meticulously track outstanding balances, communicate with payers and patients, and implement effective strategies to minimize outstanding claims. Our goal is to help you maximize revenue and reduce the risk of bad debt.

Denial Management

Managing claim denials and appeals is a specialized task that requires expertise and persistence. At IQRCM, we have a proven track record of effectively managing claim denials. Our experienced team thoroughly reviews denied claims, identifies the root causes, and takes prompt action to rectify the issues. We handle the appeals process diligently, ensuring maximum reimbursement and minimizing revenue loss.

Credit Balance

Managing credit balance accounts is essential for maintaining compliance and ensuring accurate financial records. Our credit balance management services ensure that all credit balances are identified, analyzed, and resolved in a timely manner. We review credit balances, validate them, and initiate the necessary refunds to patients or payers. Our focus is on maintaining accurate financial records and providing exceptional customer service

Partner with IQRCM for Efficient Revenue Cycle Management: By partnering with IQRCM for your revenue cycle management needs, you can benefit from our expertise, streamlined processes, and commitment to exceptional service. We understand the unique challenges faced by healthcare organizations and offer tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements.